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Blockchain is one of the game-changer technologies.The impact of blockchain’s trust mechanisms and interaction paradigms extends beyond today’s business, and will affect governance, the economy and society as a whole. The decentralization of operations and decision-making enabled by blockchain will significantly change the operating model and therefore unlock new business models and revenue streams.

The Market value of Blockchain will be $60B in 2024 up from $2.9B in 2019. 10% of global GDP

will be stored on Blockchain by 2027. Moreover, Blockchain has been among the top 4 fastest-growing startup sub-sectors in early-stage funding deals as well as the top 3 exit growth over the past 5 year.

Blockchain impacting society

Blockchain is already impacting our society is so many ways. Here are a few examples:

convergence of AI + focus area





circular economy


emerging countries


RaiseV does not believe in a one-fits all accelerator program. Learn more about what we are doing different:

Program Elements
Startups will also have access to
Capability Development
Access to Market
& Distribution
Talent & Community
Financing & Access to Investor Network
Strategic Innovation Options
Expertise & Global Experience
& Coaching
Growth Marketing
Current Accelerator Programs - (Virtual)

Smart Transportation, Logistics & Fleet Management 

Want to share your pitch deck in advance, obtain more information or become a partner?

AI & Blockchain

Applications opening soon


Consumer Healthcare 

Want to share your pitch deck in advance, obtain more information or become a partner?

Applications opening soon

AI & Blockchain

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