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'The future is better than you think...and the future is faster than you think' - Peter H. Diamandis

We are living during the most extraordinary time in human history. The hyper-convergence of key technologies such as internet-of-things, advanced computing and artificial intelligence has led to wide and deep technological penetration across all components of society and industry. The development of technologies and broader technology diffusion on a global basis allow us to create new opportunities and tackle societal challenges.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is marked and defined by exponential progress and groundbreaking advances in multiple areas of technology. Not only are we looking at a paradigm shift in technological developments, the rate of technology acceleration is also accelerating. What is driving this is the extrapolation of Moore’s Law of Semiconductors and Transistors, which predicts the doubling in computing power every 18 months. The law of accelerating returns takes this concept and applies it not only to computing power in general but to many other accelerating technologies. Moore’s Law has lasted for over 50 years.

Exponential Trend

Moore's law

The law of accelerating returns.

6 d's framework

Assess the technological roadmap and predict where technologies are headed and when to capitalize with the 6 D's Framework.

Capability Development

The future belongs to ecosystem partners with the right skill sets and competencies, the right understanding of market developments, the right set of technologies and, probably most importantly, the right mindset in an accelerating and complex world. The mindset that is equipped with exponential thinking, aims for abundance, is problem-solved oriented and strives for purpose.

RaiseV offers a variety of modules to assist ecosystem parties across the globe to understand the fundamentals of exponential technologies, their importance on a global stage and the possibilities of adopting them into existing strategies or new ventures. Contact us for more information. 

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