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Plug & Play Modules


We offer organizations a broad range of plug & play modules to upgrade their skills in knowledge domains preferred. Select one of the specific modules below or contact us directly for more information. 

Exponential Technologies

Implications & Opportunities

Exponential Organizations

Exponential Leaders

Exponential teams

Technology Trend Analysis

AI Implications & Opportunities

Principles of AI      

AI Capability Framework

AI Maturity & Readiness Assessment

Importance of Data & Analytics

Stakeholder Management

Open Innovation

Sprint Method

Technology Applications & Use-cases in Healthcare

MedTech Innovation Sprint

Strengthen your Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem

Introduction to Value-Based Healthcare

Blockchain Implications & Opportunities

Principles of  Blockchain      

Identify Blockchain Use-Cases

Define your Blockchain Business Model

Proof of Concept Sprint

Business Model Innovation

Design Thinking

Lean Startup

SDG Framework & Roadmap

Technology Positively impacting SDG's

SDG - Adopt  a Target-Based Approach

SDG Partnerships

From Linear  to Circular Economy

Service Design

Circular & Sustainable  Business Models

Building Blocks of Circular Economy

AI Accelerating the CE Transition

Impact Entrepreneurship

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