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Today more than ever we are on a quest to support our society and specific focus areas through innovation management and impact investing.

The exponential technologies and their applications on the other hand provide an excellent opportunity to positively influence our society. 

Purpose and creating shared value for all is rooted in the DNA of RaiseV. Our firm therefore strategically focuses on the convergence of the top influential technologies - IoT, AI & Blockchain - and four focus areas that ought to benefit from it; Healthcare, Circular Economy, Education and Developing Countries.


What makes RaiseV unique is the business model that fully optimizes deal flow. We pride ourselves for our active approach in creating streams of startups that we not only meet but also get to coach and guide on a 1-on-1 basis before we decide to invest. 

Our Startup Accelerator Programs and Corporate venturing Programs allow us to carefully observe, guide and select high potential investments for our investor partners. We also actively seek startups that fit our investment thesis. This is further supported by the recommendations from own startup, portfolio and investor network. 


RaiseV support startups and scaleups by providing access to pre-seed, seed and series A investors and funding rounds. For our Blockchain programs and startups in specific we are able to guide startups through an ICO process and its associated marketing campaign should both parties conclude it is the most suitable funding route. Moreover, RaiseV in the future will also focus on dedicated Corporate Venture Funds where we get to further support our Corporate clients in growing and financing their inhouse ventures. 

We will continue to assist and fund startups that are able to scale their proposition and created the projected impact ideally across geographic areas. 

Our team consists of purpose-driven individuals with industry backgrounds, deep subject matter expertise, an international track-record and network. We believe these ingredients best allow us to support and create value for our partnering investors.


What differentiates our firm even more is the strategic decision to have operators support our startups. Startups joining the Accelerator Program will be guided and coached by a dedicated team of experts during the program. Startups can tap into a large pool of mentors for further guidance after the program. 

Portfolio companies however will be supported  by operators specifically selected for the startup life cycle or subject matter need. We’ve built scalable programs and a talented, committed team of operators who a very capable of working alongside the startups. 

sustainable development goals

RaiseV's committed to contribute to 14 out of 17 sdg's

Through our engagement with several stakeholders, our value proposition and extensive offering RaiseV is able to create a platform and a breeding ground for holistic solutions that create shared value for all. We are committed to unlock the opportunities and continue to seek new forms of collaborations to do so. Our propositions allow us to contribute to 14 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

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