Globally, there are various macro trends, challenges and opportunities that will lead to a radical transformation of our healthcare system. Ecosystem stakeholders across are occupied with the need to find solutions for the global challenges of; aging populations, (new) chronic disease epidemics, rising healthcare costs, access to healthcare, labor shortage, changing patient needs – and many more unfortunately.

The fourth industrial revolution and its associated exponential technologies give birth to a profound set of innovative solutions that are reinforcing the healthcare system and allow for patient-centricity and value-based care. Solutions will require robust analysis and foresight, leadership, interoperability and multi-stakeholder public-private partnerships.


A set of challenges exist for healthcare ecosystem stakeholders. Here are a few examples:

patient journey 


From prevention to long-term disease management. We can add a lot more value once we understand and apply a holistic patient journey approach. 

technology impacting healthcare

There are a myriad of solutions technology has been able to provide. Here are a few examples:

value created by tech solutions

Prevention, adherence, value-based solutions, cost reduction and the list goes on. Here are a few examples of how tech solutions are creating value for healthcare stakeholders:

capability development

Capabilities realized through these technology solutions and innovations will help ecosystem stakeholders (Startups, Corporates) unleash new business opportunities and have a positive impact on the healthcare industry. A transition to value based solutions will necessarily lead to the development of innovations that are highly context specific and evolve as the needs and capabilities change.

Stakeholders are advised to assess the impact of these innovations on the business strategy, business model and operating model. 

For more information on how RaiseV can support in capability development, Technology, Innovation Scouting or Ecosystem Partnerships, you can contact us directly.

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