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value created by tech solutions

In striving for a more value-based and more accessible healthcare system, defining and conceptualizing value has been one of the biggest themes amongst ecosystem stakeholders. Generally we seek to create value for patients, society and the economy by maintaining our health and wellness, achieving better clinical outcomes and reduce the strain and costs on our healthcare system. 

The shift from volume to value-based healthcare must be accompanied by changes in the policy environment in order to create an ecosystem that fosters inclusive innovation, risk sharing between payers and providers of services and solutions, and learning. Policies should recognize the broader societal and economic value innovations and investments generate, beyond the narrow considerations that currently predominate. 

Better Clinical Outcomes

Increasing Lifespans

Reduction in Treatment Variability

Improved Diagnostics & Accuracy of Treatment

Reduced Costs

Proactive & Targeted Care

Greater Patient Engagement

Decreasing Healthcare Episodes

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Coordination & Informed Decision-Making

Patient-Centric Integrated Care

Improved Access to care

Disease Management

Timely Clinical Encounters

Improved Medical Knowledge Alignment

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Stakeholder Interoperability & Liquidity

Improved Business & Operational Models

Integrated EHRs 

Improved governance

Empowered & Engaged Patients

More convenient & Scalable care

Real-time insight for more immediate interventions

Medical adherence

Decreased prevalence of diseases

More accurate, rapid and earlier detection

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