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Ai Accelerator Program

The Market value of AI will be a staggering $202.6B in 2026 (+33.1% CAGR) up from $20.7B in 2018. What's more? AI has been among the top 4 fastest-growing startup sub-sectors in early-stage funding deals as well as the top 2 exit growth over the past 5 year.Your presence on this page tells us you will play a big role in shaping that market and impacting our society.

We see a positive shift in the general principles of Artificial Intelligence becoming mainstream. Pioneering Startups, companies and organizations have started to test, pilot and run full-fledged propositions that are now tapping into needstates and benefits we would never even considered were possible a few years ago. This includes high impact solutions within the domains of Healthcare, Circular Economy, Education and Social Entrepreneurship.

ai impacting our society

We are fortunate to have quite a few inspiring entrepreneurs and AI solutions impacting our society. Here are a few examples:

convergence of AI + focus area





circular economy


emerging countries


RaiseV does not believe in a one-fits all accelerator program. Learn more about what we are doing different:

Program Elements
Startups will also have access to
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Capability Development
Access to Market
& Distribution
Talent & Community
Financing & Access to Investor Network
Strategic Innovation Options
Expertise & Global Experience
& Coaching
Growth Marketing
who are we looking for?

Do you think you have what it takes and you ready for you next journey? 

Join RaiseV’s AI Accelerator Program and get ready to impact the world with your valuable proposition.

Accelerator Programs - (Virtual)

Smart Transportation, Logistics & Fleet Management 

Want to share your pitch deck in advance, obtain more information or become a partner?

AI & Blockchain

MedTech            Consumer Healthcare 

Want to share your pitch deck in advance, obtain more information or become a partner?

AI & Blockchain

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