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Who are we looking for?

Ai Accelerator Program

What Partnering Investors & RaiseV will be looking at:

Entrepreneurs that actively seek to work on societal challenges through Technology & Innovation.

A dynamic societal/market opportunity.


Customer Validation. (Market Research/ Actual Sales).

A strong, well-balanced and solid team.

Investor Fit.

Able to maintain Stakeholder Relationships.

Selection Criteria:

Operate as a startup no longer than 3 years.

Consist of a team of minimum 2 persons.

Startups will be selected based on focus Technologies & Areas (e.g. AI, AI+Healthcare, AI+Education). 

Be actively seeking to growth the business.

Willing to participate in provided capability development track and engagement activities to further grow the business.

Have a minimum viable product or a Product Solution Fit. PSF should focus on Technology + Focus Areas. (e.g. AI, AI+Healthcare, AI+Education). 

Have done a basic market and business due diligence analysis. + able to present a feasible financial plan for at least the first year of your startup.

Startup is able to operate freely with the intellectual property used in your technology.

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