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Tremendous technological leaps are being made, but the economic and social benefits remain geographically concentrated, primarily in developed countries. Too often the emerging countries remain far behind if not excluded entirely. Approximately 9% of our world population still lives on less than $1.90 a day and 820M people are undernourished. 20% of children between 1-17 are not attending school and 750M of adults are illiterate. 50% of schools in Africa do not have access to basic drinking water and facilities and do not have internet or hardware (computers). To extend that even further 785M people worldwide go without basic drinking water and 40% does not have hand washing facilities at home.  


Furthermore, among many other challenges development countries face 840M people live without energy.  

Technology plays a central role in driving productivity and economic development. Through investment in technology, countries can transform from traditional agriculture economy to advanced, knowledge-based economy.

Our task lies in supporting emerging countries in order to make access to technology and knowledge available to everyone, and to unleash the potential of people’s creativity and ingenuity.

emerging countries



A few examples of challenges that are prominent and pressing in developing countries:

technology impacting emerging countries

Technology convergence and innovation creating value for those in need. 

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