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Welcome ambitious founders, Startups and Ecosystem partners,

Here are some interesting fact you most probably already know, but we wanted to highlight for you:


The Startup Ecosystem has created $2.8 trillion value between 2016 and 2018 (+20.6% p.p).       

The value is on par with a G7 economy

Global startup community is now the #1 engine of job creation and economic growth.

2018 saw a decade-high $220 billion in total VC investments in Startups.

thank you

Pioneers; be it entrepreneurs just starting their ideation process, intrapreneurs aspiring to take their corporate venture to market or PhD graduates who decide the startup ecosystem is actually their calling – we value you and our society needs you. Now more than ever we are being faced with global challenges

that require forward-thinking solutions and innovative business models coupled with calculated risk-taking and nimble strategic and operational management. In every challenge lie multiple solutions. It is not a matter of whether one will find a solution; it is a matter of finding the appropriate strategic course, partners and timings to do so.

Thank you for continuously supporting our economies.

Thank you for being courageous to challenge the status-quo and the risk you are taking to go on these ventures for our society.

Thank you for allowing us to see how we can operate more efficiently and effectively through adjusted business models and innovative solutions.

Thank you for sharing your collective minds and efforts to bring those valuable concepts to market.

Startup Bottlenecks +

Raisev's solutions

RaiseV has done extensive research on the most prominent bottlenecks startups and scaleups face in bringing their concepts to market. What are they and how do we prevent them

Plug & play modules

Capability development among startups and scale-ups will vary according to its business life cycle and should not only be provided through a 3-month accelerator or incubator program. We offer startups and scaleups a broad range of plug & play modules to upgrade their skills in knowledge domains preferred. Contact us directly for more information. 

Startup / Corporate Collaboration

Contact us for more information.


Design Sprint 

Contact us for more information.


Investment Readiness

Contact us for more information.


Lean Startup

Contact us for more information.


MVP Ideation

Contact us for more information.


Brand Strategy

Contact us for more information.


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