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Plug & Play Modules


Capability development among startups and scale-ups will vary according to its business life cycle and should not only be provided through a 3-month accelerator or incubator program. We offer startups and scaleups a broad range of plug & play modules to upgrade their skills in knowledge domains preferred. Select one of the specific modules below or contact us directly for more information. 

Business Model Innovation

Desing Thinking


Sprint Method

Lean Startup

Strategic Technology Adoption

Investor Readiness

MVP Ideation

Strategic Marketing

Operational Marketing

Sales Strategy

Strategic Management

Inclusive Leadership

Startup / Corporate


Impact Entrepreneurship

Exponential Technologies

Exponential Organizations

Technology Trend Analysis

SDG Framework & Roadmap

Brand Strategy

Consumer Behavior

Customer Experience

Customer Journey

Open Innovation

Strategic Partnerships

Value Proposition

Ethics & Governance

Pitch Deck Creation

Pitch & Communication skills

Empathy Interviews

Innovation Management

Product Development

Product Vision

Service Design

User & Buyer Persona

Stakeholder Management

Story Telling



Exponential Leadership

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