Technology has a huge potential for fostering and enhancing learning addressing the challenges and opportunities in both the developed and emerging countries. Education will and should be a domain that requires constant iteration and focus to improve the quality and impact it has on our lives and our societies.

Combine the global implications of technology, education and innovation skills & competencies and one will be able to ignite the growth driver for

economic empowerment and development. The role of education, technology and skills in promoting innovation is critical.

The powerful combination of technology and education also promotes social inclusion where it for example allows groups of our global society to participate in learning in areas where they couldn’t before (rural areas) or where is allows a student with a learning disability to fully participate and learn in the exact same environment as a student without a learning disability.


A few examples of challenges experienced in developed and emerging countries.

Tech + education applications

The convergence of technology and education provide several solutions.

value created 

investing and working on edtech solutions that will allow you to create value in the following ways:

technology impacting education

Examples of use-cases, pioneering companies and best-practices. 

capability development

The various technology applications and innovation have the potential to improve the quality our education system and its operational capabilities. However, the rate of change and the pace at which they progress require the leaders in the educational field to understand the

institution’s broader priorities, culture and capacity for change. Learn more about how transformational technology and innovation can be for your organization through the following modules. Contact us for more information.

Innovation in Education
Scale education 4 Good 
AI in Education
Education Transformation Framework
Innovation in Teaching

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