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Corporate Incubation Program

Virtual Program available

3-6 months 

Cross-functional team

Our outcome-based Corporate Incubation Programs are specifically developed for our clients based on the innovation need. The corporate incubation program would entail starting with c-suite executive sessions, an innovation assessment and thesis. A specific innovation route is then selected (exploit v. explore). This is followed by supporting our clients with the formation of a cross-functional team and active internal stakeholder engagement plan.

Innovation need capability modules will be provided through interactive workshops. Among several innovation frameworks that will be used, Design Thinking and Lean Startup will be central to stimulate the ideation, prototyping and testing process while keep the asset and time investment a minimum operating level. A dedicated RaiseV consultant will be appointed to guide the clients through the entire program. Want to learn more about this program?

Design Sprints

max. 25

5 days

Virtual Program available

Design matters. Speed matters. Creating Value matters even more!

The Design Sprint is a fun and productive pressure cooker and will allow your team to solve and test design challenges in 5 days. The idea of sprints originates with the Agile framework and compresses months of time into a single week.

Three critical business questions will be answered through design, prototyping and testing ideas with user:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?

  2. How do you expect to solve it?

  3. Why is this problem worth solving?

A Design Audit, design brief, stakeholder engagement, user research and a path to launch are just some of the elements that will be integrated in the Design Sprint.

Sprints typically end with much excitement and joy. Ready to start yours? Contact us for more information.

Innovation,          technology, 

startup Scouting

Do you want to effectively manage your innovation management portfolio and continue to create a competitive advantage

RaiseV’s Innovation, Technology and/or Startup Scouting module allows you to identify innovation propositions, technologies and startups that can enhance or revolutionize your business model. This module is applicable for your core, adjacent and transformative strategic innovation portfolio. RaiseV’s team not only has extensive scouting experience and a large network within the ecosystem, the team is also an expert in the outside-in/inside-out innovation framework for large corporations.

The team will also be involved in the corporate-startup collaboration as a facilitator and translator should the startup scouting module be selected in specific.

What’s more? Via our partners we are also able to provide Technology Scouting solutions that are powered by an AI-driven scouting platform. Contact us to learn more about this proposition.

Corporate Innovation Bootcamp

Virtual Program available

max. 20

2-3 days

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Proof-of-Concept, Token - these are just some of the terms you hear a lot these days. But what information is actually relevant for you and what value will it bring your organization?

Allows us to take you through a brief specific Innovation and/or Technology Bootcamp. Here you will learn more about the theme of request and dive into the principles of the Technology.

This is accompanied by a Technology Use Cases and Trends workshop and the Technology Adoption Readiness Assessment.The second phase of the bootcamp focuses on ideation and developing a roadmap for technology integration and adoption within the organization.

Contact us with your specific technology brief and we will create a bootcamp program that is tailor-made to your organization’s need.

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