Blockchain is one of the game-changer and core enabling technologies. The impact of blockchain’s trust mechanisms and interaction paradigms extends beyond today’s business, and will affect governance, the economy and society as a whole. It is on the cusp of phenomenal growth, ready to reach $60 billion worldwide as it creates new digital economic infrastructure. 

The key drivers for driving this growth are; need for creating transparency, need for immutability, reduced total cost of ownership, increased transaction management efficiency, success of initial coin offerings, rising cryptocurrencies market cap,increasing adoption


of Blockchain-as-a-Service, need for faster transactions and an increasing demand for distributed ledger technology.

Also consider the adoption level and business impact of other technologies — especially security, data management, identity, IoT and AI, as well as the risks and regulatory considerations, standards initiatives and underlying commercial interests that will impact wider industry adoption. The decentralization of operations and decision-making enabled by blockchain will significantly change the operating model and therefore unlock new business models and revenue streams.

Market value Blockchain 2024         $60 Billion                (up from $2.9B in 2019) 

10% of Global GDP will be stored on Blockchain by 2027

Blockchain Top 4 Fastest Growing Startup Sub-Sectors in Early Stage Funding Deals

Blockchain Top 3 Startup Exit Growth over the past 5 years

applications & use-cases

Learn more about Blockchain applications and use-cases in one overview.

Blockchain impacting society

Blockchain is already impacting our society is so many ways. Here are a few examples:

capability development

Blockchain is creating extraordinary opportunities for ecosystem parties to come together in new ways. It has the potential to create new business models, eliminate efficiencies and create new value for a variety of use-cases. With a huge array of blockchain activity, it is important to focus holistically on industry context as well as the underlying technologies. Also, digital and business

capabilities need to be build and internal/external stakeholders need to be engaged in an early stage. The modules provided by RaiseV give you the opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals of Blockchain and allow you to assess the potential of the Blockchain for your organization.

To learn more about the modules, contact us directly.

Blockchain    Implications & Opportunities
of        Blockchain      
Identify Blockchain Use-Cases
Define your Blockchain Business Model
 Proof of Concept Sprint

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