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We see a clear role in bringing bright minds together and create value for our society. That platform does not only comprise of connections and a large network but also is a guaranteed tailor-made runway for startups that require further capability building, access to market and funding & investors.

RaiseV does not believe in a one-fits all accelerator

Ai Accelerator Program elements

program. Each individual entrepreneur or startup will find itself in a different life cycle phase and trajectory. Our programs will provide the startups with the general capability elements as well as tailor-made modules. The assessment of the final program per startup will be done through the selection process. Here are  few modules that will be part of the accelerator program: 

General Elements

Business Model Innovation

Desing Thinking & Sprint

Marketing & Sale

Funding & Financing


Inclusive Leadership

Pitch & Communication skills

Ethics & Governance

Specific Modules

Stategic Partnerships

Startup / Corporate Collaboration

Open Innovation

AI Verticals

AI Value Chain & Ecosystem

Industry-related modules; MedTech, BioTech, EdTech, Smart & Circular Economy


Impact   Entrepreneurship

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