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tech impact  & conversion

There are a myriad of solutions technology has been able to provide. here are a few examples:

Augmented Reality/  Telemedicine
Predictive Health Analytics
AI Healthcare Advisors
Shared-Decision Making Platform
Big Data Analytics & Behavioral Science
Wearable Devices/ Remote Monitoring
Value-Based Performance Management Analytics
Healthcare Interoperability
Real-Time Clinical Operation
3D Printing
Content Collaboration Platforms (CCPs)
Blockchain for Drug Supply Chain
Blockchain for Patient Data Management
Precision Medicine
Real-Time Healthcare System Platform
Elderly Care Assistive-Robots
Care Pathway Orchestration Platforms
AI-Enabled Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation
AI for Drug Discovery
Health Data Curation and Enrichment
Dgital Speech Analysis for Clinical Diagnose
Genomics Medicine
Real-time Healthcare costing
Gamification & Digital medicine
Algorithmic Medicine
Blockchain for Claims + Clinical Adjudication
Internet of Medical Things /Internet of Lab Things 
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