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About us

With an innate passion for innovation, technology and investment management, we have developed a model that focuses on the convergence of technology and its applications into high-impact solutions and investments. The model facilitates optimal startup route-to-market throughput and provides an ongoing deal-flow for our investor partners.

RaiseV supports organizations in taking advantage of the profound opportunity to harness powerful technologies, to leverage exponential models and mindsets, and to reinvent themselves as nimble, resilient organizations prepared to ride each coming wave of change. 

We are facing uncharted territories of accelerating change, and leaders need to prepare for a future we know is going to be significantly disruptive. The convergence of exponential technologies, along with bold thinking and the willingness to take risks, is completely altering the business landscape and the opportunities to provide our society with high impact and sustainable solution.

We are on a mission to support ecosystem stakeholders across in ideating, funding, scaling and transforming their business in line with societal needs and technological developments.

RaiseV, the one-stop venture firm dedicated to create value for our society, investors, startups and corporate clients through innovation acceleration from incubation to financing.

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focus areas
  tech convergence  
Emerging Countries
Circular Economy
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
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Our Services

Startup Accelerator 

A 3-month accelerator program for startups & scaleups to support product-market fit and scalability through; training & workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, access to talent & distribution channels, investor and corporate matching and growth marketing. Learn more

Corporate Services

Propositions that would allow corporations to further strengthen their dynamic capabilities, innovation culture and  strategic portfolio options. Learn more



RaiseV supports startups and scaleups by providing access to pre-seed, seed and series A investors and funding rounds. For our Blockchain programs and startups in specific we are able to guide startups through an ICO process and its associated marketing campaign should both parties conclude it is the most suitable funding route. Learn more

As thought leaders in the domain of Technology, Innovation and the Startup Ecosystem, we seek to extend our services to support our clients in navigating transformation and seizing exponential opportunities. Learn more

investment thesis 

Today more than ever we are on a quest to support our society and specific focus areas through innovation management and impact investing.

The exponential technologies and their applications on the other hand provide an excellent opportunity to positively influence our society. 

Purpose and creating shared value for all is rooted in the DNA of RaiseV. We therefore strategically focuses on the convergence of the top accelerating technologies - IoT, AI & Blockchain - and four focus areas that ought to benefit from it; Healthcare, Circular Economy, Education and Developing Countries. Learn more

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Startups Accelerator Programs
Corporate Innovation Programs & Modules
Investor Network
SDG Impact
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Startups and Partners have access to
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Capability Development
Access to Market
& Distribution
Talent & Community
Financing & Access to Investor Network
Strategic Innovation Options
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Expertise & Global Experience
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& Coaching
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Growth Marketing

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